Corrective Farrier Services for Foals

16 day old foal. Near front turned out 45 degrees: off front (offset approx 15 degrees)

Hopefully, most breeders of foals never need this service.  However, some foals are born with legs that are less than correct in confirmation.  Harold Clarke believes in farrier services to foals every 10 - 14 days becasue of the rate at which they grow and the rate thier hooves develop.  An alternative to expensive veterinary surgery, some confirmation problems in a foal can be addressed from as young as 10 days old, as long as the owner understands the committment to farrier services every 10 - 14 days after the 1st trim.

Photographed right  The veterinary remedy quoted complete anethestic, stripping of the tendons to the front and side and cutting of the tendons at the rear of the leg at an estimate of $1800+ GST.

With a belief in the importance of commencing corrective trimming at as young an age as possible, the owner and Harold Clarke commenced a corrective trimming regime in December 2016 which will be recorded in stages here.

Degree of turned foot

Using the rasp as a guide, Harold maps out the point of the hoof to work from to begin 1st Corrective Trim

Off Front

Rasp is used to determine the angle & start point for this trim

Near Front

Angled Trim only to part of the hoof

Off Front

Trim to balance the distribution of weight on the hoof

1st Trim completed

Hoofs trimmed to balance confirmation and bone growth

Click each image below to open up the full Photo.

Watch the improvement in the foals confirmation. Slow progress - there is noticeable improvement from the knees through to the hoof.

  • After 1st Trim

    After the first trim of the near front foot.

  • After 2nd Trim

    Near front and off front trimmed to balance.
    This is only required every second trim.

  • After 3rd Trim

    Only the near front foot is trimmed on this occasion.

  • Before 4th Trim on front near

    Before the 4th Trim - straightening up.

  • After Underneath of near front hoof trimmed

    In this photo only the near hoof has been trimmed

  • Both hoofs after 4th trim

    4th trim complete

One week after the 4th Trim

17 March 2017 on day of 5th Trim at 4 months old.