Muscle & Structural soundness

If your horse has soundness issues, it may benefit from a combination of muscle manipulation and hoof trim to support skeletal balance.  Horses that can't round evenly on both sides are often found by Harold to be experiencing tightening or pulling of muscles.

Some horses have experienced a trauma to their frames and succumb to the consequences of the trauma after periods of work with sore muscles.

The horse in the video below had been in a floating accident in a straight load double float where a passing truck had spooked the 16.1hh horse resulting in it launching its body over the chest bar, ending up with its hips hanging out the front window and its wither and head compressed under the chest bar on the passenger side. 

Harold quickly identified the horse also needed specialist skeletal treatment from a chiropractor and advised accordingly. The road to recovery for the horse took 8 months and included chiropractic visits complemented by regular muscle manipulation and corrective hoof triming to support the skeletal recovery.

Off side manipulation

Working on the off side pelvic muscle injuries.

Near side manipulation

Working on the near side pelvic muscle injuries.

  • Recovered

    After 8 months of recuperation including muscle manipulation & corrective barefoot trimming, the horse is balanced & even in his work

  • Back in the ring

    A relaxed and comfortable horse working happily and willingly.

  • Winning classes at the Ag Shows

    Hard work has its rewards.
    The result of dedication and effort from Harold Clarke.