Seedy Toe

Exposed Seedy Toe

Seedy toe (also known as white line disease) is the invasion and subsequent destruction and consumption of the inner hoof wall keratin by various species of fungi or bacteria or a symbiosis of both.

Seedy Toe has the appearance of black paste or crumbly grey/white cheese. The resultant cavity is often jammed with grass seeds – hence the name.

Seedy toe breaks the integrity of the hoof capsule, often resulting in a vertical crack that travels up the hoof wall in tandem with the spread of the pathogens (Photo Right). 

It gets its name from most commonly being found in the toe area, although it can affect any other part of the hoof wall.  As the primary infection is usually fungal, it means that it does need consistent treatment to return the hoof to good health.

Left the normal hoof keratin. Right - the consequences of Seedy Toe.